THE Subtle Energy Awareness Programme®

The Subtle Energy Awareness Programme® was created by Sue Zange. Teacher and Author. There are 6 Modules that will help you understand energy transactions and an insight into the structures of the energy field. Developing an awareness, and understanding of subtle energies.

The human energy field also known as the aura, is a very fine weave of consciousness. It stores memories of emotional and physical events that have occurred throughout our lives. The store of memory patterns can disrupt, and misalign the natural flow of energy. These energy transactions can affect your wellbeing.

The disruption to energy flow can cause chaos, stress, and imbalance, which you will feel on a physical, emotional or mental level.

Discover how energy transactions affect your wellbeing. Learn about the structure of the energy field, and how your interactions with others can affect you.

6 Modules of Learning

Day One:

  • The structure and layers of the energy field
  • Flow and radiance of energy field.
  • How energy transactions affect wellbeing.
  • How to manage your own energy.
  • Techniques to clear your own energy.
  • Key factors that can improve our connections to others.

This is a 2-day course. Fee is £185.00. A deposit of £65.00 is required to secure your place.

Day Two:

  • The impact of life happenings wounds on your energy.
  • How emotional baggage stores in the layers.
  • Identifying current emotional state.
  • Focusing the mind to inspire, create and make change.
  • Ways to assess your mental state.
  • The application of directive intelligence and command of life.