Energy Healing for your home

Who, or how many people have lived in your home before you. What events have taken place before the house became yours. Have you ever thought about how your house feel’s. What are your senses telling you, when you walk into your home.

Does it make you feel so uncomfortable that you don’t want to be there, you might feel like there is an atmosphere there, that something doesn’t feel right. Maybe you feel like you have bad luck syndrome, that nothing is going well. Are you in conflict with your family, or relationship’s breaking down. Maybe you are feeling fatigue, stress, or irritable.

Everything is energy, the Land beneath our feet, the trees, flowers, animals. Even inanimate, objects carry an energy vibration. The natural flow of energy is all around us. People, places, everywhere you take a step will have an energy trace or pattern.

The Land has been here long before houses were thought of, the earth’s natural grids, the push and pull of the electromagnetic field. We have had wars, battles and invaders from other countries. All this leaves an energy pattern. It’s not just about the modern house or people. The flow of energy can become dense and stagnant, affecting the people in the home. You will feel this physically, emotionally, and mentally. You may even feel this as a physical pain, joint pain, even depression.

Healing for your home is a process for the healer, of sensing where the denseness is. Clearing away none serving energy patterns transforming them to lighter and brighter energy. Creating a space that feels secure comfortable a place of relaxation, a sanctuary.

Clients Say

"We had additional work and ground work done to our home and garden. We asked Lorraine to cleanse it again. After realising that since the work had been done on the house, the feeling inside the house had changed. We had it done before, and we were very pleased with it. It’s difficult to explain but the whole environment feels lighter and the house more settled." D.G. Worcestershire

"Having recently moved house, we asked Lorraine to heal the property before we moved in, as Lorraine had healed our previous properties. The difference is amazing after her visit. The house is now calm and peaceful and it is like the windows have been opened-it feels so fresh. There were a couple of rooms that had a very odd feel to them but after the healing those feelings completely disappeared. Lorraine’s work is so good – she really makes such a difference and I would certainly recommend her". S.T. Worcestershire

Fees for Home Healing:

The cost of Home Healing is based on an Individual property and the work undertaken.