ABOUT Lorraine

I am an Advanced Energy Field Healer. I am qualified to teach the Subtle Energy Awareness Programme® and the Enhance Your Light® Programme. I also train healers in The Energy Field Healing Programme.

Born and raised in the west Midlands, I was intuitive as a child to people and places. It was later on in life, when pursuing my own spiritual journey that I began to explore those intuitive feelings.

I explored many paths on my spiritual journey, I went back to church, I trained in Reiki and reflexology. None of this seemed to satisfy what I was looking for. Someone recommended Sue Zange to me and in 2001 I went on my first course with her. I can honestly say it changed my whole life. I just seemed to fit, I have never looked back. It has been the most amazing journey.

To heal others you have to first heal yourself, to be honest with yourself, to forgive yourself and others, which is not always easy. I have retired from the NHS. So I can now give all my time to Energy Field Healing. I am still a Sue Zange forever student. The work created by Sue, the vibration and quality with which she develops and delivers her courses still keeps me enthralled. I continue to develop my skills with Sue as she introduces more advanced techniques to work with the human energy field.

My own skills have enhanced and developed, by self healing and meditation. I use my skills combined with the skills and knowledge of a theatre practitioner to help others undergoing a pre and post operative procedures.

Energy Field Healing helps with a wide range of ailments it clears your energy, and helps you to make a more positive choice regarding your wellbeing. I specialise in clearing, rebalancing and realignment of the energy centre, transforming and rebuilding the structure of the energy field. Releasing patterns and generally bringing lightness and flow around the body.