Healing for your business

Do you have a prosperous business that you would like to expand, are there unfulfilled projects that you would like to come to fruition. Energy Field Healing can help you create a better flow of positive and productive energy for your business.

Has your business become stagnant and none productive, what is going wrong, and how can you turn it around. It’s normally over time when you start to see the loss of revenue. Sometimes you can see it coming, sometimes you don’t want to except, or face that the business is starting to fail. It’s usually this time when you start thinking about the actual Location. Did I make the wrong decision, is the space right for me, how about the people working for me. What happened to my enthusiasm.

These are things we look for as Energy Field Healers. How does it feel, is it the right location, what has been there before, and can we build the dynamics for a successful business.

The positive and negative effects of the earth’s natural flow of energy may cause disruption, and disharmony in the work place. This will have lasting effects on the place, and people working there. Sometimes people may become sick or unhappy, and you will see this in the physical by your sickness days rising or a bigger turnover of staff.

Bringing the right people on board, and building a good dynamic will create good working relationships. Businesses can fail because the drainage of resources. You can’t keep taking out. Plough back in re-investment is always needed for the business to thrive. You want to create an environment that will be a good place to work, enthusiastic and creative people that will help flow, and forward momentum.

Energy Healing is a specialist form of healing for Business. The Subtle energy techniques used to cleanse and balance the energies of the property. Transforming non serving energy patterns building the dynamics, to bring in new potentials, and create a good working environment. This will lead, to better outcomes, and productivity.

The Business Fee is assessed on the Individual evaluation of the property/ business and the balance of future potential income. I have worked and travelled all around the country for Healing.