The Enhance Your Light® Programme

The Enhance Your Light – Enhance Your Life Programme® has been specially designed by Sue Zange - Teacher and Author, this is a unique development programme.

You will develop skills and techniques that will enable you to connect on a higher level. Exploring the unknown, it will empower, enlighten, and enrich your life on a daily basis.

You will start with a primary sphere, a safe place, and through this sphere you will learn to build all other spheres. You will learn to connect, open, and maintain an expansive space. This will equip you with the skills to manage, maintain, and enhance your spheres.

If you are facing difficulties, relationship or work, you can go to your own unique sphere that you have created especially for you. It is not only for difficult situations that you want to meditate or visualise. What about success and prosperity, money, or a new job opportunity. Meditation is a communion it restores the spirit, enlightens and energises you. This will give you a new perspective on your life and wellbeing.

12 Key Elements

There are 12 Key Elements to the programme. They are known as Spheres of Light.

A lot of people think meditation is not for them, or they can’t sit for a prolonged amount of time. I felt like that when I first started. But this programme is so different because you are actually building something in consciousness. It is of your own making so now one can enter it. It will be unique to you. You will be learning and enhancing it as time goes on.

As part of the basic skills you will learn

  • An understanding of the change in brainwaves, during, visualisation, and or meditation.
  • The difference between visualisation and meditation.
  • An outline of the relevance of the person’s current state.
  • The sitting posture and why we choose that way.
  • Simple disconnection technique to clear excess energies, and the reason for such action.
  • What is meant by grounding and its purpose/relevance.
  • The relevance of being centred and the simple reclaiming technique.
  • The relevance of the now moment as a commencing point.
  • An understanding of stillness for body and mind.
  • An explanation of heart energy, and why we open the heart.
  • A visual concept of how the mind will raise/lift in awareness and expand.

The Expansive Spheres will progress your skills, which will help you to grow, and develop, your own conscious awareness and higher intelligence.

Meditation will bring you a sense of peace, tranquillity, and clarity. You will find yourself wanting to go into the spheres when you have a particular problem to solve or to just sit and absorb the radiance.

2 day course Fee is £185.00. A deposit of £65 is required to secure your place.

Clients Say

"Healing changed my life completely. It is very difficult for me to put into words how much healing has helped me and improved my life because it is beyond words. The feeling in my soul, and sense of self and my own understanding of these has been transformed and released through the power of healing. For me it was the first time I had ever felt truly understood by someone else, which in turn opened my eyes to my own understanding of myself. Healing has helped to put everything in its rightful place, enabling me to move on from my struggles and difficulties, and feel happy, strong, and secure. Healing is an ongoing process, and to know that I have found it gives me a great sense of security and peace. To know, that I am in safe hands, for the first time in my life. I truly feel like myself and for that I will be eternally grateful to healing." L.T.