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The Human Energy Field, also known as the Aura, is a field of intelligence.

Energy Field Healing is a specialist therapy that works with the human energy field (Aura).

As an energy field healer, Lorraine is sensitive to the subtle vibrations of the aura and can sense energy imbalance, blocks and misalignments.

Energy Field Healing helps with a wide range of ailments - it clears your energy and helps you to make a more positive choice regarding your wellbeing. Lorraine specialises in clearing, rebalancing and realignment of the energy centres, transforming and rebuilding the structure of the energy field. Releasing patterns and generally bringing lightness and flow around the body.

Lorraine is based in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, and is also a qualified teacher of the Enhance Your Light® Visualisation and Mediation Programme, the Subtle Energy Awareness Programme®, and can teach healers the art of healing through the body's energy field